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Being Heard QuoteIn This Episode: I discuss the Attorney Client Relationship. I will leave attorney client privilege for another episode. Here we delve into how do we, as lawyers, and especially as public defenders, establish a relationship with our clients so that they trust and respect us and are willing to follow our advice.  Establishing this relationship is one of the most important skills a lawyer can acquire and one of the least taught or discussed aspects of our practice.  The quote above by David Augsburger keeps me grounded and helps me set my intention when meeting with clients:
Hear how one epic fail with a client early in my career helped me to learn what was really important to my clients and changed the way I practiced law.

I truly believe that fundamentally what each and every one of us want from the people in our lives is to feel heard and understood. We discuss tips and strategies for how to convey to someone that you hear and understand them in the moment.


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