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Under ArrestIn This Episode:

I reveal what happens to a person from the day they are arrested for a crime to the day their actual jury trial starts. If you cannot afford to post bail, you may spend up to 3 months in jail waiting for your trial to begin. Some trials take years to prepare. You will also learn about plea bargains and why they are necessary but are also how they are used to deny defendants their right to trial.

Do you ever wonder why you are sometimes called for jury duty only to spend a whole day in the waiting room and never get called into a courtroom? I’ll explain what may be the cause of that frustrating day.


I offer some advice on tag lines and stories. Whether you are trying to persuade a jury to acquit or your boss to give you a raise or your prospective client to hire you, it all comes down to the story you tell. The best way to structure your story is to boil it down to the TV GUIDE taglines of old.


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2 thoughts on “TLC_005: FROM ARREST TO TRIAL

  1. I have started listening to your reports as I walk with my MP3 player. I very much enjoyed the episode on drugs and have a much better understanding about the problems on all sides of the problem. I hope others have been able to also get informed about these problems

    • Thanks Jerome, I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Please let me know if there is any specific area of the law you would like to know more about!

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