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I expose Bad Laws: Laws that were passed to placate us and make us believe we are “tough on crime”, but in reality  do more harm than good and often are not worth the money it costs to enforce them. Specifically addressed are the “THREE STRIKES” law and laws requiring lifetime registration for all sex offenders.


I offer some advice on how to start your jury selection when your client is accused of a crime that carries a horrific social stigma.


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One thought on “TLC_004: BAD LAWS

  1. I’m a long-time victim advocate, and this is the most well-stated position I’ve heard on this yet. I agree with all of it, 100%. Each case must be considered individually. Crime isn’t a ‘typical’ event, by it’s very nature it is an aberration, so why do we create cookie-cutter laws to deal with it? I also have problems with laws resulting in mandatory sentences based on WHO the victim is: child under 11, elderly, mentally incompetent, hate crimes, etc. Justice should be based on the crime – not the victim, lest we come dangerously close to proposing that some victims deserve more justice than others.

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