Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.16.12 AMI was honored recently to be featured in a cover story about the Los Angeles County Public Defenders Office. We recently celebrated 100 years of zealous advocacy on behalf of indigent clients. As a trial lawyer, I would have preferred more mention of the trials that we do, but I think this does shed some light on the issue of plea bargains. As you may know from my episode on plea bargains I think the practice is a necessary evil in our current system, but I would like to see it reformed to be more transparent and so that  defendants are not pressured into plea deals by draconian maximum sentences and exorbitant bail.

To read the article from California Magazine, click HERE.

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  1. Elena,
    Thank you for agreeing to let the California Lawyer in on what we do every day as a Public Defender. I have been a PD in San Diego County for over 24 years and really enjoyed the article. I am the head of our South County branch and I am asking all of our lawyers to read the article. It’s inspirational — even after all these years!
    Yours in the struggle,
    Jane Gilbert

  2. Thank you Jane, for your both comments and for your (and your San Diego lawyer’s) continued dedication to giving voice to the voiceless. Keep fighting the good fight!

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