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ball-and-chainIn This Episode:I pull back the curtain on PROBATION.
What is it and how does it differ from parole? Probation is granted by the court on the condition that the defendant fulfill certain obligations and promises over a certain period of time in exchange for not receiving the maximum sentence allowed by law.
Judges have great leeway to implement conditions of probation. They can include the universal admonitions such as, “You must obey all laws” as well as some more crime specific conditions such as requiring those convicted of a DUI to attend an alcohol awareness class. The creative use of probation can be the cornerstone for reforming our system and working towards restorative justice for non-violent and property related crimes.

There will come a time when you are asked to give a presentation or you are making a closing argument and you must explain a complicated and dull bit of science or information. In this tip we discuss ways to pace your presentation so that you don’t lose your audience during these portions of your talk.


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